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Zuni fetish meanings american indians have used fetishes throughout recorded history. Note these concise meanings were provided by the zuni tribal information center. Fetishes are used by the zuni primarily for hunting, protection and to ensure fertility. The zuni believe that a spirit lives within the fetish, giving it its unique power. History tells us that zuni fetishes first appeared around 650 ce. In the 1800s the power of zuni fetishes was researched extensively by frank h. The space shuttle endeavor took zuni fetishes into space as a form of protection in 1994. Zuni fetishes are small carvings made from various materials by the zuni people. These carvings have traditionally served a ceremonial purpose for their creators and depict animals and icons integral to their culture. As a form of contemporary native american art, they are sold with secular intentions to collectors worldwide. Zuni fetish meanings zuni saying you do not choose the fetish, the fetish chooses you. The six most powerful zuni fetish animals according to zuni cultural and religious tradition mountain lion , bear , badger , wolf , eagle and mole. Zuni fetish gallery is your 1 location for zuni fetishes hand carved by zuni artisans. Shop fetishes by depicted animal, zuni artisan or newest carvings. Carefully shaped by zuni artisans, fetishes are a physical embodiment of a living spirit. Traditionally, native peoples of the southwest created carvings to represent the totem animals of the six cardinal directions (the pivotal points of nature). By taking thoughtful care of the fetish, in return, the spirit imbues its keeper with guidance. Fetish carvings and native american symbolism found frequently on crafts items like pottery, jewelry, bead or leather work, paintings, carvings, etc are part of an ancient culture and religion which is extremely complex. Zuni fetishes, known to the shiwi people as wemawe, are small stone animal carvings made by talented artisans of the zuni pueblo. And the crow zuni saying you do not choose the fetish, the fetish chooses you. Native american zuni fetish carving-spiny oyster horse with turquoise heartline-spirit animal-kenric laiwakete. Each zuni carver has his own style and each fetish has its own personality. Whether you are buying a fetish for spiritual, medicinal, as a collector or as a pet, there is one thing about a fetish, they do speak to your soul.

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