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The osiris myth is the most elaborate and influential story in ancient egyptian mythology. It concerns the murder of the god osiris, a primeval king of egypt, and its consequences. Meanwhile, osiriss wife isis restores her husbands body, allowing him to posthumously conceive their son, horus. Isis (ancient egyptian st coptic se classical greek isis meroitic wosa or wusa) was a major goddess in ancient egyptian religion whose worship spread throughout the greco-roman world. 26862181 bce) as one of the main characters of the osiris myth, in which she resurrects her slain husband, the. Osiris is the mythological father of the god horus, whose conception is described in the osiris myth (a central myth in ancient egyptian belief). The myth describes osiris as having been killed by his brother, set, who wanted osiris throne. His wife, isis finds the body of osiris and hides it in the reeds where it is found and dismembered by set. He is just not the ruler of the underworld, but also the god of resurrection into eternal life, protector, inundation and vegetation. Osiris appearance portrayed as man wearing a tall white crown with red feathers at both side of the crown and his body wrapped in white mummy wrappings. Due to this, this fetish became associated with funerary gods, osiris, anubis and his aspect, imiut. The earliest use of the imiut fetish, as scholars would suggest, was for protection especially of the king or pharaoh where it was placed by the royal throne. The tyet (ancient egyptian tjt), sometimes called the knot of isis or girdle of isis, is an ancient egyptian symbol that came to be connected with the goddess isis. Its hieroglyphic depiction is catalogued as v39 in gardiners sign list. In many respects the tyet resembles an ankh, except that its arms curve down. Its meaning is also reminiscent of the ankh, as it is often translated to mean. Serapis (koin greek , later form) or sarapis (, earlier form, originally demotic wsjr-ḥp, coptic userhapi osiris-apis) is a graeco-egyptian deity. The cult of serapis was introduced during the third century bc on the orders of pharaoh ptolemy i soter of the ptolemaic kingdom as a means to unify the greeks and egyptians in his realm. She was not however as ancient as the other gods of the egyptian parthenon. Her hieroglyphic contains a throne (as does osiris) and her first divine attribute was a throne resting on her head.

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