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The theory of commodity fetishism (german warenfetischismus) originated from karl marxs references to fetishes and fetishism in his analyses of religious superstition, and in the criticism of the beliefs of political economists. Marx borrowed the concept of fetishism from the cult of fetish gods (1760) by charles de brosses, which proposed a materialist theory of the origin of religion. Commodity fetishism the conferment of a naturalness on material objects produced by human labour in capitalism when their character is really the result of social processessince commodities are the main form in which social relationships appear in capitalist society, this tendency to fetishism, according to marx, is not surprising. What does commodity fetishism mean? Information and translations of commodity fetishism in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. A concept coined by karl marx referring to societys extreme obsession with material objects. All the commotion surrounding apple releasing yet another iphone with minor improvements. Commodity fetishism can also be understood in terms of social relations neither the producer nor the consumer of a commodity has a necessary or full relation with the other. The fetishization of the commodity shields us from alienation. Sigmund freuds use of the term fetish, which occurs later than marxs, also borrows from anthropology. Commodity fetishism is the collective belief that it is natural and inevitable to measure the value of useful things with money. Marx coined the term to mock political economists who believed that carefully studying economic systems would eventually yield a set of natural laws comparable to those found in physics or chemistry. Karl marx is one of the most influential social thinkers of the 19th century and he is known as the architect of socialism and the champion of communism. Commodity fetishism in marxs application of his analysis of the relationship between a commodity and society as a whole. Fetishism in anthropology refers to the primitive belief that godly powers can inhere in inanimate things (e. Marx borrows this concept to make sense of what he terms commodity fetishism. As marx explains, the commodity remains simple as long as it is tied to its use-value.).

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