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Sexual fetishes may also involve some kind of enhancement of a sexual act such as a person being asked to wear a particular piece of clothing by the fetishist during sex (e.). Paraphilias are sexual interests in objects, situations, or individuals that are atypical. The american psychiatric association, in its diagnostic and statistical manual, fifth edition (dsm), draws a distinction between paraphilias (which it describes as atypical sexual interests) and paraphilic disorders (which additionally require the experience of distress or impairment in functioning). Fetishistic disorder is an intense sexual attraction to either inanimate objects or to body parts not traditionally viewed as sexual, coupled with clinically significant distress or impairment. Fetishistic disorder can be a multisensory experience, including holding, tasting, rubbing, inserting, or smelling the fetish object while masturbating, or preferring that a sexual partner wear or. Paraphilic infantilism, also known as autonepiophilia, psychosexual infantilism and adult baby syndrome, is a sexual fetish that involves role-playing a regression to an infant-like state. Behaviors may include drinking from a bottle or wearing diapers (diaper fetishism). Individuals may engage in gentle and nurturing experiences (an adult who engages only in infantile play is known as an.). Are often the most discussed kinks and fetishes, some of the most intense sexual play takes place in the mind. A modern behavioral treatment to address fetishism and associated functional impairments article in clinical case studies january 2014 with 9,314 reads how we measure reads. Persons with sexual fetishes may need to be touching, smelling, or looking at their unique object, or engaging in fantasy about it, to become or stay aroused, either alone or with a partner. In the revision of the american psychiatric associations diagnosis and statistical manual (dsm) from the fourth to fifth edition, fetishism was renamed fetishistic disorder 1.

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