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Bellies, belly ache, indigestion, stomach ache fetish, stomach fetish, stomachs, tummies, tummy ache 4 leave a comment share flag march 25th, 2008, 1208 pm ohhhhh i ate too much and got the bellyache! Quotes like this really send me and turn me on. I have this fetish too, since i was a kid (of course i didnt even know what a fetish was, and it was never sexual), and ive always felt shy when talking about stomachs or awkward if someone mentions they have a tummy ache or something like that. Honestly i dont think i will ever be able to tell anyone haha, i think they would be weirded out. Mild stomach ache & belly play - subject 233 - duration 7 minutes, 1 second. Shes having a stomach massage to help relieve her rumbling belly. Ive had this since i was pretty young (4-5) and ive felt really self-conscious about it. Basically i get turned on when i think about the guy i like, or a celebrity crush, having a stomach ache. I really just want to hold them and comfort them, make them feel better i guess. Idk, is this weird? And if youre a guy, how would you feel about dating a girl with this fetish. In every fetish story, the media varies, it could be a story book, movie, cartoons,. A story book about a character having stomach ache from eating street food. A comic strip in a children magazine about a girl who have a stomach ache because she eat with her hand without washing it first. Im so happy to know there are many of us who share the same fetish, so i would like to share mine. Its called too much breakfast or an ate too much belly ache. I ate at a breakfast buffet - i had peaches, six pieces of bacon,. People who identify as having a cum fetish are aroused by the act of cumming on their partner, being cummed on, and or images of people who have been cummon-on. Catra falls extremely ill with a severe stomach bug that leaves her absolutely miserable. Thankfully, she has adora and the others to help her through it- even if it still sucks.

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